Extended Math Camp

At ASU's Extended Math Camp, students participated, alongside teachers, in dynamic afternoon sessions with the AMMASING program focusing on:

  • High school mathematics from new perspectives
  • The work of teaching and research on how people learn mathematics

In addition, theyworked with peers from a variety of backgrounds in ASU's Math Camp, a fast-paced and exciting evening program specifically designed to:

  • Enhance knowledge of both familiar and unfamiliar mathematics
  • Build confidence in one's mathematical ability and excitement about the subject
  • Ability and excitement about the subject

Students will also participate in a school year program with several elements:

  • A series of investigations focused on exploring familiar mathematics and the work of teaching. The investigations embody the quote above - opportunities to consider common topics in deep ways.
  • Attendance at the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference – the largest meeting of mathematics teachers in the state, with many opportunities to explore mathematics and the work of teaching.
  • A one day wrap-up meeting in April at ASU.

In short, Extended Math Camp is a unique opportunity to extend mathematics knowledge and interact with teachers as peers.

Upcoming School Year Events
  • Problem Sets and work groups - ongoing
  • October 25-26, 2012 - NCCTM Annual Conference, Greensboro, NC
  • April (date to be determined) - Wrap-up meeting, ASU

Who participates?

The 2012-13 participants are an excellent and eclectic group of 8th-12th graders from schools in North Carolina.

What's the cost?

Thanks to a grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Extended Math Camp is offered free of charge. In fact, a stipend is offered for participation!

What do participates receive?

In addition to new mathematical knowledge, unique opportunities to explore teaching, and a tremendous experience, participants receive:

  • Free registration for ASU Math Camp
  • Paid travel to all activities
  • Free membership to North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM)
  • Registration and participation in NCCTM Annual Conference
  • A variety of materials from the summer workshop
  • A $400 stipend for participation in all activities



Todd Abel
AMMASING Program Director

Anita Kitchens
ASU Math Camp Director

Lori Tyler
ASU Summer Ventures Coordinator

QEP Global Learning